Suffolk District Guestbook

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13. Mar, 2020

Trevor Youens St Augustine Chapter No144

An excellent and very well presented site

5. Aug, 2019

Dennis Simmonds

A very interesting site and one that I will direct Master Masons to now I hold the office of Mentor in my Craft Lodge.

28. Apr, 2018

Des Millward Past MWS Greyfriars 967

This is an excellent site, with easy to follow 'flags' to find the information one might require.

14. Oct, 2014

V Ill Bro Nigel Williams IG Cambridge and Isle of Ely

A very useful website. Well thought out. Well done Suffolk District.

23. May, 2013

Graham Taylor

It is very pleasing to see a well presented and thought out website, my congratulations to all involved

22. May, 2013

Andy Crooke - Temple Balsall Chapter RC 979

I agree with the previous comments of my Warwickshire Colleagues Stephen and Michael. A very well presented and interesting website. Congratulations!

20. May, 2013

Stephen Fowler, Silhill Chapter No 937

I agree totally with Michael's comments. This is exactly what the Order needs and lets hope that SC follows your lead and encourages others.

12. May, 2013

Michael Squires - Edgbaston Chapter RC No 931

Quite the most impressive Masonic web site I have seen! My congratulations to all concerned.