Rose Croix Collect for Suffolk District

We have walked through the darkness of life and have found our light in the Word of God.


The Word became flesh and dwells among us day by day.


As with the knights of old we bear with courage and grace the burden of proclaiming our God of love to the world.


In these moments of quiet we offer the lights of our life into that greater light so that our loves may be consumed into the greater love which belongs to our God alone.


This we offer in the power of the most holy and divine Trinity.


E&PP The Reverend Canon Kevan S. McCormack

formerly Chaplain to the Queen and Rector St. Mary’s Woodbridge

Revised 5th April 2020

This Collect or Special Prayer was written for use by the Rose Croix Chapters in the District. My suggestion is the Prelate of the Chapter reads it to the Princes’ once they have retired at that part of the meeting where the room is being prepared for the Third Point. It can be used to settle and quieten those present and allow a private moment to remember those who are close to us or are unable to be with us for whatever reason.

I hope that you will find it useful and offer us an opportunity to gather our thoughts on what is to follow.

V.˙.Ill.˙.Bro. Ralph Robertson 33˚

Inspector General Suffolk District.

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